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What Does a Freight Broker Do?
By Budda Oliver

A freight broker is an agency that ensures products are delivered. Freight brokerage companies are very important service providers that pair shippers of merchandise with the right trucker or trucking company to make certain the product is delivered on time, no matter where the receiver is located.

Freight brokerage companies provide a significant service, especially to companies that need to ship a hazardous or oversized load, finding the right carrier to transport their materials. It is imperative that a freight brokerage company find a specialty carrier service to deliver these items, otherwise the manufacturer may not be able to have the load shipped and delivered safely. Furthermore, a freight broker will find the right trucking company that employs drivers who are skilled and trained in handling whatever the load may be - hazardous materials, heavy machinery, etc. - to ensure the loading and unloading of the product is done quickly and safely.

A freight brokerage company has a large list of trucking companies or independent truckers whom they work with on a regular basis. Because of this expansive list, they have the ability to find the right carrier for any job large or small. A freight broker will quickly present the client with the best shipping option, saving the client time and money trying to find one on their own.

Many freight brokerage companies work out of a central office, with larger offices in bigger cities that are important shipping and receiving hubs. In smaller cities, a freight broker can work out of a home office. In larger cities, there may be a large office where multiple agents work. All that is need to run a successful freight brokerage business is list of truckers or trucking companies, Internet access and a phone. A freight broker will spend all day on the phone or online trying to find their clients the perfect carrier for their merchandise. The client can rest easy knowing that the freight broker is handling all aspects of the shipping process to ensure their product gets to the desired location as quickly as possible.

Finding a freight broker for your shipping or manufacturing company to work with can be an easy task if you consider a few important factors. Does the freight brokerage firm have a good reputation? Talk to other users of the service to see if they are satisfied or contact the Better Business Bureau to check for filed complaints. How long has the brokerage firm been is business? The longer a freight broker has been in business, the more experience they have and the more carriers they know. The longer they work with the carriers in the area, the better they know them and can adequately pair them with the right clients.

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